December 4, 2014

The Historical Society of Elba met at the museum on Dec. 4 for their final meeting of the year 2014.  14 members were present.

The minutes of the Nov. meeting were read.  Linda made a motion to approve, Irene seconded.

The treasurer read the financial statement.  Linda moved for approval, Paul seconded.  Ann presented money for a brick.

Dues will be collected anytime during March and April.

First meeting in 2015 will be on March 5 at the museum.  Most of our meetings will be at the museum unless we know that we need more space.  In that situation we will meet at the Village Offices.

We will have the Antique show as usual the second Saturday in May.  Irene will check that it is recorded at the Rec. Hall.  Roast beef in Oct. and Barn Dance in Oct. as usual.

The Betterment Committee will have a tree lighting ceremony and refreshments at the Elba Park on Dec. 6.  Everyone is invited to attend.  The Historical Society has a tree in the display, decorated by Amy and Ed Vlack.

Amy received a collection of memorabilia from Paul and Irma Joslin dating back to World War I.  It is history of the Joslin family (Watson relatives.)  Irma and Paul lived in Elba in the ’50s and ’60s.  He was a teacher at Elba a few years.  They moved to Des Moines, Iowa where they still reside.

Ann has started a file on families that have lived in Elba over the years.  She has had the deceased members of the Society added to the plaque.  Ambrose Ryan and Jean Hare in 2014.

Pat Burr has passed away at 91.  A long time supporter of the Society.  An outstanding local artist.  Teacher at Elba many years.

The newly elected officers are being sworn in at this meeting.  First are Ann Gavenda and June Rowcliffe for Trustee positions.  Next were Earl Roth, President; Amy Vlack, Treasurer; Irene Griffith-Pierce, Secretary; Louis Esten, Vice-President (unable to attend.)

The alarm system was discussed. We don’t feel for what it costs us a year that we have the understanding or attention to our concerns from the company that we should have.  The alarm in the barn does not work, we hear beeping sometimes in the museum.  We would like to have a representative come and go over everything with us so we understand it better.

June will check with Virginia Kropf, Batavia Daily News reporter, to do an article on our group sometime before we resume our meetings in March.  Hoping it will stir some interest in Elba residents to come and join our group.

It was mentioned that maybe we can get local people to put their collections on display for a limited time to stir more interest in people visiting.  Gary Harkness’ bottle collection brought 30 people to the museum on the Sunday we highlighted the display.  There must be other local residents that would have interesting items to show and would be happy to be able to have them seen.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.  Irene made a motion to adjourn, Ann seconded.


June Rowcliffe


June 5, 2014

The June 5, 2014 regular meeting of the Historical Society of Elba was called to order by our Pres. Earl Roth at 7 pm.  The Pledge was given.  13 members present. Joanne made motion to accept, Linda seconded, all approved.

Amy read the Treasurer’s report.  The Antique show made about $1000 this year.  There may be a couple of advertising bills yet to come in.  Ann made motion to accept, Irene seconded.

The heater at the museum needs to be serviced.  We did not run out of propane.  Earl signed necessary paperwork at the Town Office so that we may receive the $3000 that the town gives us each year to help with the Historical expenses.  Earl asked for someone to join him and Ann to go over the Constitution and by-laws so that they may be voted on and accepted by the Society.  Annette Dorman volunteered to help.

The museum did not have anyone to sit for the 2 to 4 open hours on Sunday, June 1.  Ann was working at the Griffin house so was able to help who came.  They purchased some items as well as looking around at the displays.

A sign up sheet was passed around so members can sign up to work.  Earl will see about getting the barn cleared out.  Joanne Soules-Robinson, a new member will have some of the members of the Betterment Committee come to help.  Amy and Ed Vlack will work on Sunday, June 8.

We have many extra Griffin House t-shirts.  They did not sell well compared to other designs.  Suggestions were given and it was decided to give them away at events the Society has coming up.

Amy made a basket to donate to the Brian Shuknecht fundraiser on Saturday, June 14.  Ann has purchased two toy replicas of tractors that were used on the early muck land.  Amy has been given, by the school, an overhead projector to use for presentations.  They do not use them anymore as they have a new system.  Don Ames family donated the 1993 yearbook that we were missing for our collection.  Ann has loaned 13 yearbooks to the 2014 high school class reunion. Joann has a few older yearbooks she will donate to our collection.

Joann moved to close the meeting, Ella seconded.

Earl Roth presented a program on matchbooks.  They were used to hold matches and promote advertising for stores, hotels, restaurants, and political.  Earl’s collection includes many from businesses from Elba, Oakfield, and Batavia.  Also shipping lines, trains and other business endeavors.  When lighters came into vogue the matchbook was soon gone.  Today they are used at wedding to keep as momento of the bride and groom’s big day…

Respectfully,  June, sec.

March 6, 2014

The Historical Society of Elba met at the Village offices on March 6, 2014 at 7:00 pm.  21 members were present (7 of them Jr. members.)  The Dec. 5th minutes were read.  Ann approved, Joann seconded, all approved.  Pres. Earl Roth told about the Board meeting in Feb. at his house.  The mention of the Fire Dept. raising their fees for the use of the Rec. Hall were discussed.  Organizations will still remain at one free and the next ones $150.  Irene suggested that we might give an extra $50 when we use it for the Roast Beef dinner.  We will discuss it when it is closer to the time of use.

Fran Horzempa has many recorded events from the past years.  She is willing to give them to the Society.  Perhaps they could be used as a program.  Junior members suggested we have the Bread Man again.  Amy read the financial report.  We have not received the yearly contribution that we get from the Town of Elba.  It could be changed with the new supervisor AJ Wormuth in charge.  Amy has not heard yet.  Dickie approved report, Irene seconded, all approved.  Amy pointed out that the school is having a meeting on March 22 and want local organizations to come and give their input on ways to improve the school.

Amy read some inquiries she has received on the Elba website – someone wants information on the western end of Ridge (Bulgaria) Rd and a Perry family.  A teacher at school has inquired about Elba in Colonial times.  Amy will ask for further details – maybe someone could present something to the grade and show items from that period.

Ann is working on the Constitution.  It has been delayed due to computer problems.

On April 3rd, Irene will do a program on their great aunt who was a nurse in WWI.  They have her diary from that period of time.

Linda made a motion for the meeting to adjourn at 8:10, Ann seconded, all approved.

Coffee and cookies by Betty, Amy and June were served.


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