June meeting

Thursday, June 4, 2015, 7:00 PM at Elba Museum, will be our next regular meeting.
All are welcomed with guests.
Meeting will focus on –
    1>    Changing display items at our museum.
    2>    Encouraging local collectors to put their items on display at our museum.
We need to change exhibits and items on display in order to encourage attendance by members & the public.  Our museum is not for our use only, but for the general public as well.  We welcome suggestions and comments.  If not in person, by email, letter or telephone.
Ann Gavenda has put a display of muck photos that is very interesting.
Also new on display since last summer is a “matchbook” collection of Genesee & Orleans county businesses.  Of special interest is the matchbook from the Red Jacket Grill of the old Richmond Hotel, as well as political matchbook covers from Judge Weiss & Barber Conable.
Hope to see you Thursday and I will welcome any & all ideas.
Earl C. Roth
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